Our Team

team-robertmafieRobert Mafie, Vice Chairman, is the owner of ACTT, an organization which brings affordable computers to Tanzania.  He also has extensive experience working with street children, training them to become hardware and software technicians. Robert has a proud history of volunteering in Tanzania, and once served as the head of the computer department at United African Alliance Community Center in Imbaseni. Robert lives in Moshi with his wife and three children.


Debra Kelly, Executive Director is a Human Resource Professional from Wethersfield, CT, U.S.A. She came to Tanzania in 2001 to volunteer at a local community center in the Maji ya Chai area. Realizing that there were many needs in the community that were not being addressed by currently established NGO’s, she founded Jifundishe, an organization that provides educational opportunities to rural villagers. She is committed to a transparent organizational process and to utilizing the resources of Tanzanians wherever possible. She lives in Ngongongare Village.


team-samobaeSam Obae, Chairman, is a professionally trained filmmaker and is a qualified camera operator and editor. He is currently working for the Kilimanjaro Film School in Tengeru, Tanzania. He has helped write, produce and direct several films and has been awarded a seed grant from National Geographic All Roads Film Project to help support the making of The Warangi Tribe and Kolo Paintings.  He lives in Arusha with his wife and three children.


Abdallah Daniel Mgonja, Co-Secretary, came to Ngongongare Village from the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, and he has been involved with Jifundishe for many years. He works at TASS (Tanzania Adventist Secondary School) as a StoreKeeper, and he has been educated in Stores Mangement and Inventory Control. Abdallah is also a community pillar, and he has many entrepreneurial businesses in the village. He lives in Ngongongare with his wife and two children.


 IMG_0612Sudi Abdallah, Co-Secretary is a trained Occupational Therapist and has worked with disabled children through the YWCA program in Moshi, Tanzania. He is currently establishing a business developing and creating therapeutic devices for people with disabilities and has a private OT practice in Arusha. Sudi also volunteers at the Kilimanjaro Films Institute, teaching life skills to a diverse group of students.  Sudi has been involved with Jifundishe for many years as a member, and he also worked as a Project Director for two years. He has helped facilitate volunteer projects as well as the Houston Scholarship Fund intake. Sudi lives in Arusha with his wife, Jenifer and son, Zoran.