Foundation Finished!

Everyone working on the project is from local village homes. Women are helping by carrying water from the well to the building The foundation is filled with earth, dug up from the Cacti House yard! We now have a swimming pool sized hole over there! Many hands make for light work! With all this help, the classroom looks like it is growing right out

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Watch us Build!

First, we mark out the space for the new classroom. It’s all done very scientifically, with rope and sticks. Sadly, that tree will have to go. All the work will be done using PEOPLE POWER! Luckily, the area is FULL of large rocks, perfect for our purpose!

Primary School Students Learn English at the Jifundishe Free Library

Students in Standard 7 take a national exam in September, and then, they wait three months for the result. In that interim, they are idle and have nowhere to go. This year, the Jifundishe Free Library established English classes for these students and each day, over 100 students come for two hours of English language instruction. Flora Abayo, our former knitting instructor who has

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Fundraiser in Aiken, SC!

On Friday, August 9th, two friends from Aiken organized a fundraiser at the home of Sharon Brown, a remarkable woman with ties to Tanzania and deeply interested in our work. Loretta Beckner, a former volunteer at the JFL and Bettina Ruckelshaus, a dear friend of Jifundishe invited friends and neighbors to come and hear more about our work. At this point, over $2,000.00 has

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July Newsletter

Greetings from Washington, DC! Yes, once again, here I am in the city after an amazing year of growth for Jifundishe. So much has happened since our last newsletter earlier this year, it is almost hard to believe! The first event that impacted us in a very big way was the massive Form 4 exam failure in February. The Tanzanian government education system virtually

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UKUWAJI Women Attend AgriBusiness Workshops

Students from the University of Virginia are hosting workshops for over 35 women at the Jifundishe Free Library where they are learning about business as well as home gardening. Experts in the field are there to help teach the women correct use of seeds and fertilizers and how to cook vegetables in a nutritious way. The women come every day to “class” and have

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The New Volunteer House is in the Works!

The new Volunteer House is in the works on the Jifundishe campus! Thank you to our amazing volunteer alumni who came together to make this possible. The house will comfortably house up to six volunteers at a time, and will boast a great kitchen, and a beautiful patio for enjoying those views of Mount Meru! Come and see for yourselves….karibuni sana!