Health Dispensary


The Ngongongare Dispensary was a previously abandoned project that was completed with support from Jifundishe, in partnership with the Arumeru District Medical Office, in 2009.

Understanding the need for clean, local health facilities for women and children, Jifundishe finished construction of the clinic so that a doctor could be assigned.

A rain water recycling system at the clinic makes wise
use of a natural and safe resource.

Since opening the clinic in 2009, Jifundishe also facilitated an improvement project to bring needed electricity and hazardous waste disposal facilities to the clinic – thus expanding services that can be provided. The dispensary is now equipped to provide immunizations, maternity and newborn services, disease testing, and basic treatment for injuries.  This accessibility has been significant for these rural villagers.

Since the dispensary is now staffed and funded by the district government, Jifundishe does not manage the ongoing operations at this dispensary, but our staff and visitors are often welcomed for collaborations, special programs, and ongoing participation.

The best learning is healthy learning!

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In cooperation with clinic staff, Jifundishe has conducted several medical trainings in the village.