The Houston Scholarship Fund & May Higher Learning Fund

Monica Nayangayi, 2015 Houston Scholarship Fund Recipient

In 2007, Jifundishe launched the Houston Scholarship Fund. Established by Annie and Andre Houston, this fund enables children living in poverty to access government education at the secondary level, as well as opportunities for further education after that.Since then, the fund has helped over 100 students participating at various levels, and this scholarship covers all educational costs for the students’ entire programs.  From socks to notebooks, from meals to tutoring, this program aims to provide the most comprehensive form of support to these very needy young people.


Our scholarship fund recipients come from households living in the deepest levels of poverty, and many of them are orphans and live with relatives already overburdened by their own families needs. Jifundishe visits each home and develops a personal relationship with the students and their families to ensure that the students have what they need in order to succeed in their individual programs.


The May Higher Learning Fund was started in 2015 when Jeremy May partnered with Jifundishe to provide funds for our program participants that are successful in their secondary studies, but have no financial resources to continue with higher education. Jeremy visited Jifundishe with his two sons and saw how hard these students worked and how few prospects that had to continue their education. They were moved to help and started the May Higher Learning Fund.

In the first year of the program, Lazaro Mbise was our 2015 May Scholar and was selected to attend Jordan University College in Morogoro, Tanzania in an education program. Lazaro studied at the Jifundishe Free Library in our Independent Study program for three years in order to qualify to take his secondary national exams, which he did, and passed with flying colors! Lazaro is exactly the type of hard-working, dedicated young person that this fund seeks to support.

Lameck Wilson, Lazaro Mbise and Amani Peter


In 2016, Amani Peter and Lameck Wilson were chosen as our May Scholars and are attending universities here in Tanzania in education and law programs, respectively. Both studied for years in our I.S. program to qualify for this chance and we are thrilled to have such worthy individuals taking advantage of this amazing fund.