Mama Shanga Group


In 2012, Judy Gigliotti and her daughter Kate visited the Jifundishe Free Library and met the women in UKUWAJI (Jifundishe’s micro-lending program). These creative and determined visitors taught a class of 55 women on the art of making paper beads. Since then, ten of these women have formed a business which they call the Mama Shanga Group, and they produce Zuri Designs.

This program is yet another example of Jifundishe’s focus on making a little go a very long way!  The beads are made from recycled paper found in discarded magazines, can labels and posters. IMG_9167_2



These beautiful, unique bracelets, necklaces and earrings are truly pieces of art. Each piece is handmade and carefully designed.  Zuri Designs products are carried in gift shops in Arusha, Serengeti and in our Jifundishe Free Library office shop.  To inquire about our inventory in the United States, please contact Debra Kelly at

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