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Jifundishe is a registered non-governmental organization which funds and manages projects for community development that provide educational opportunities to people living in rural villages in Tanzania. The organization was founded in 2004 and since its inception has successfully implemented projects at libraries, orphanages, schools, health clinics and community centers.

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The Jifundishe Free Library

Several years ago, the founding members of Jifundishe coordinated donations of supplies and resources from the United States and Tanzania and in November of 2005 opened the doors to the Imbaseni Free Library. The small, two room library provided books and gazettes and hosted specialized programs such as eye clinics, malaria prevention workshops, children’s reading  programs, dental clinics, and writing workshops. The Imbaseni Free

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About us

Jifundishe (pronounced “JEE foon DEE shay”) is the Swahili word meaning “teach yourself.” We are a grass roots organization, registered in Tanzania, that creates meaningful and collaborative change in rural Tanzanian communities through education and opportunity.  In the United States, Jifundishe operates in collaboration with Project A.B.L.E., a 501c3 non-profit, and it is through this wonderful partnership that we are able to accept tax-deductible

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What we do

Jifundishe supports projects that benefit the rural communities of the Arumeru District of Tanzania. Supporting clinics, libraries, and other facilities that promote literacy and education is part of our mission to provide educational opportunities in rural villages.


Anande Mirisho

Anande Mirisho is Jifundishe’s new Assistant Director!  Anande has brought her incredible efforts and insights to Jifundishe’s programs and mission since 2004.  She previously served on the Executive Committee, and has been instrumental in mentoring and steering our programming for women and girls.  Anande is from the village of Maji ya Chai, and she thoroughly understands the challenges and changes within the local educational

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Monika Charles Nyangahi

Monika is one of our newest Houston Scholarship Fund recipients.  Monika was raised by her father since her mother’s death when she was only three. Her father also raised three other children by working as an handyman. Doing most of the household chores and helping her father whenever possible, Monika ranked right at the top of her class. Now enrolled in full time secondary school,

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Meleck Akyoo is the talented Jifundishe Project Manager behind the clinic's construction.

Meleck Akyoo

Akyoo, as he is called by his many friends around the world, has been a vital member of the Jifundishe team since 2004.  Akyoo’s vision and talent helped to shape not only the programming over the years, but also the physical creations!  He supervised the construction of most of Jifundishe’s actual buildings! This is no easy task in Tanzania – with inflation, rarity of

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Babe Nnko

Babe is the Library Manager at the JFL, and has been a vital part of the Jifundishe team since 2007.  In a country with virtually no library studies curicculum, he has met the learning curve with vigor and tremendous patience.  Babe is a soccer enthusiast, a fantastic manager, and an invaluable asset to this organization.  His creativity and vision has helped to create and

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